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Welcome to New York Floorman, where our legacy in flooring and renovation services dates back to 1973. Rooted in Scarsdale, NY, we are proud to serve our residential clients with a commitment that has only grown stronger over the decades. Our founder laid the groundwork for what would become a hallmark of quality and reliability in the industry. Today, as a third-generation flooring professional, we continue this tradition, blending timeless craftsmanship with modern techniques.

Our journey began when Richard Kessner, a seasoned expert with a rich history in the construction industry, took the reins in 2003. His early days were influenced by his father’s significant real estate ventures, managing over 50 buildings in NYC. This experience gave him invaluable insights into the complexities of real estate and the evolving needs of homeowners.

At New York Floorman, we don’t just offer services; we deliver experiences. Our expertise spans general contracting, full home renovations, and specialized wood floor installations and repairs. Every project is a canvas for us to express our passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces. We are known for our reliability and the guarantee of our work, setting us apart in a competitive market. Our promise is simple: we are there for you, ensuring every detail is perfect and every expectation is met.

Join us in creating the home of your dreams. Let’s make your space a testament to quality and elegance, crafted by the hands of experts who care.

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